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Vegetarian Diet and Different
Type of Vegetarians - Which Type Are You?

You maybe interested to find out that there are several types of vegetarians, and each type of vegetarian diet differ slightly. Which type of vegetarian are you? And what do you include in your vegetarian diet?

Vegetarians can be separated in to mainly four types:

Type 1) Semi vegetarians - These 'vegetarians' eat all types of foods in their diet - including meat. However these individuals limit the amount of animal products they consume. I would be considered a semi vegetarian.

Type 2) Lacto vegetarian - Individuals in this group are a step up from the semi vegetarians. They avoid all animal products except for dairy products in their diet.

Type 3) Lacto-ovo vegetarians - This type of vegetarian diet excludes all meat except for dairy and eggs. Not too different from the previous type.

Type 4) Vegans - These are the 'hard-core" vegetarians who avoid all animal products in their diet, such as meats, dairy products, and eggs. The vegan diet rely on lentils, beans, soy products etc..

Now that you know the four types of vegetarian diets, which do you belong to?

How Do Vegans Get Enough Protein and Calcium?

You think that pure vegans can't achieve a well-rounded diet without any animal products? Think again. All the stuff you hear about vegetarians not getting enough protein in their diet is mostly propaganda from the meat factories. ^__^ No kidding. Obviously they want you to eat more meat, so they make more money.

In fact, vegans and vegetarians can, and do get enough protein and other essential nutrients in their diet. Here's a complete guide for vegetarians. Vegetables, beans, nuts, and soy products provide abundant amount of essential nutrients. Aim for very colorful vegetables such as broccoli, cucumbers, carrots etc. These types of veggies are especially high in vitamins, calcium, beta-carotene, zinc, and a lot more. They also provide a good source of proteins.

Beans and soy products (tofu, soy milk) are excellent sources of protein. And don't think that these types of protein are inferior to animal protein - they're not. Makes good sense to lower meat intake doesn't it? Especially when meats are high on saturated fats - the type that's bad for you. You can reduce, eliminate your meat intake, or spice up your lagging vegetarian diet here.

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