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Chinese Recipes - Chinese Cooking Can Be
So Simple, So Healthy, And So Tasty

Chinese Recipes

Chinese recipes and Chinese cooking has become increasingly popular in the west and around the world. All types of Chinese recipes has gradually moved from the restaurants into home kitchens. Part of its charm, of cooking Chinese recipes is the speed at which the food is cooked. Cooking food so quickly preserves its colors, texture, and nutrients.

Cooking Chinese recipes is simple, delicious, and healthy. Most Chinese dishes are cooked in oil or water. Of course, the more exotic and fancy Chinese cooking involves a whole lot more than just water and oil. But for our common home cooking purposes, cooking Chinese recipes can be kept simple and straight forward.

The ingredients used for cooking Chinese recipes is nothing short of spectacular, or strange if you will. Of course there's all the common cooking ingredients used in Chinese cooking. But aside from these common ingredients, there are ingredients used in Chinese cooking that you'd never imagine. For example, snakes, dogs (uh-hem, yes it's true, I even tried it once but didn't quite enjoy it), bird's nests, duck tongue, and believe it or not, tiger and cow penises. They're believed to increase your sexual power.

There are no forbidden foods in Chinese cooking recipes. But we'll stick with just the common Chinese cooking ingredients.

Stir-frying is the most popular and common cooking technique used in Chinese cuisine. Two most important things to know about stir-frying is the oil temperature, and the cooking speed. You can read more about stir-frying here.

Aside from stir-fry, Chinese cooking uses a variety of cooking methods and techniques including steaming, deep-frying, braising, stewing, and more...

Here's a wonderful Chinese cookbook for vegetarians and people who love to cook Chinese food. Lean about Chinese recipes, Chinese cooking techniques, and Chinese recipes ingredients, click here.

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