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Boosting Immune System

Processed Sugar and NutraSweet

The easiest way to give your immune system a boost is to minimize the amount of sugar you eat.  Did you know that processed sugar is immunosuppressive?  What this means is that every time you eat some sugar, your immune system takes a hit.

Of course, it’s pretty damn hard trying not to eat any sugar.  I use sugar occasionally in my cooking.  On the plus side, I don’t have a sweet tooth, so I almost never snack on sweets or junk food.  I’m not saying you should completely avoid sugar, and get rid of everything that has sugar in it.  But you should be aware of the adverse effects sugar could have on your health and immune system.

Did you know: a can of pop can hamper your immune system for up to 5 hours within 45 minutes after drinking it.

When you’re aware of this, you can make a decent effort to reduce the amount of sugar you eat from foods.  You may not be able to totally get rid of sugar (who can?), but you can reduce the amount you ingest, and still improve your health.

If you’re a heavy pop drinker, you may want to think twice after reading this little bit:  did you know that drinking a 24ounce can of pop depresses germ fighting ability of some white blood cells by 50% after only 45 minutes of drinking the pop?  That’s right, after about 45 minutes of drinking a pop, your immune system takes a hit.

Studies have shown that sugar’s effect on your immune system lasts for at least 5 hours, which means if you’re constantly snacking on sweets or drinking pop, your immune system can almost never function at its full capacity.  If you consume a lot of sugar foods, and are always getting sick, you may want to do something about your eating habits.

The FDA received more complaints about NutraSweet than any other food additive they ever passed.  These range from headaches, muscle fatigue, and cramps.  NutraSweet contains aspartame, an artificial sweetener.  This has been linked to neurological disorders.  An independent study has shown that digestion in animals breaks down aspartame to form formaldehyde, which poisons the liver, kidneys, eyes, and brain.

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