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Healthy Cooking - Improve Your Health and
Diet With These Simple Healthy Cooking Tips

One of the greatest joy of life is eating - for many people, myself included. However, healthy cooking combined with sensible eating will enhance that enjoyment, and also your health! Healthy cooking and eating is easy to achieve. You can start off by eating a variety of foods to get all the nutrition you need. Click here for the healthy diet food guide.

Eat lots of grain products, vegetables, and fruits. Selecting low fat dairy products and lean meats cuts down the amount of fat and calories you will consume. You can learn about healthy eating in more detail here.

There's much you can do about healthy cooking, starting with the ingredients you use. Select low fat or reduced fat items. For example, if you like using margarine and butter, buy polyunsaturated margarine. Healthy cooking ideally should include as little meat as possible. If you enjoy eating meat, you don't have to give it up, but learn to select the better types of meat. White meat such as fish and poultry is always healthier to cook than red meat. Also, always buy lean meat, and trim off any fat.

Oil is an indispensable part of cooking, but they like to clog up your arteries. Especially deep-frying, which requires a lot of oil. You can still eat healthy, cooking deep fried dishes. Try to use olive oil and canola oil. When you take your food out of the deep-fryer, place them on several napkins to drain the oil.

Every fitness nut and bodybuilder almost always eats 5 to 6 meals a day. Why? It helps digestion, and allows for better absorption of the nutrients. You don't have to eat so many meals in a day, but you can try to reduce the amount you eat each meal, and add a few snacks in between meals - such as fruits and yogurts.

Healthy cooking depends largely on what you plan on cooking. Foods such as burgers, pizzas, and grills, usually involve a high amount of fat. A lot of high fat ingredients such as cheese, margarine and butter are used. Try cooking less of these high fat/calorie foods, and cook healthier foods such as salads, soups, and stir-fries.

The method of cooking also plays an important role in healthy cooking. Cooking methods such as basting, grilling, and deep-frying are less healthy than steaming, poaching, and stir-frying. When you baste or grill are you using the fat from the grilled item? Try not to. Let the fat drain. Here's an excellent source on the most fundamental cooking techniques, and healthy cooking recipes.

Eat out less, and eat less fast food. It not only saves you some money, it's also better for your health. Often, one meal eating out will exceed your daily recommended intake of calories!

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