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Healthy Weight Loss -
Set Achievable Goals For Healthy Weight Loss

Weight loss is common everywhere you go. People want to lose weight for health reasons, to look better, to feel better, and for a variety of reasons. However, weight loss has become such a large industry that there are so many different diets, plans, and pills that promises quick weight loss without affecting your lifestyle or health. They want your money - they don't care about your health. Stay away from these major hyped weight loss products. Practice healthy weight loss from the sensible, common sense way - through healthy eating, healthy dieting, and exercising regularly.

Healthy weight loss and successful weight management depend on setting achievable goals, and your common sense. Set achievable goals for weight loss, not something like losing 50lbs in a week as so many pills promise you. Do what's healthy for your body, and lose weight gradually.

For safe and healthy weight loss, don't exceed losing more than 2lbs a week. Avoid products and diets that guarantee overnight weight loss. Set a realistic goal for yourself, and follow a healthy weight loss regime.

To do this, first figure out how much weight you would like to lose. Of course, don't over do it, but find out the healthy weight range for a person of your height. You can use the body mass index (BMI) to find out if you're at risk for obese associated diseases..

Then determine the time frame for losing weight. Say you wanted/needed to lose 16lbs to achieve the ideal weight, the quickest healthy weight loss time would be 2 months. How you determine the time frame? Remember not to exceed losing more than 2lbs a week, so that's at most 8lbs a month.
16lbs / 8lbs per month = 2 months

Some key points to consider pursuing your healthy weight loss goal:

  • What's your ideal weight
  • Will your genetics allow you to lose a large amount of weight
  • The types of food you eat, and the amount which you consume
  • Can you/will you give up the most fattening foods
  • Regular exercising and fitness

Healthy weight loss boils down to TWO key components:

  1. Regular exercising, and
  2. Healthy eating, healthy dieting

Sure you can just do either, but combining the two will greatly increase the effectiveness of your healthy weight loss regime. You can go here to find excellent information on exercising and fitness.

At Healthy Cooking Recipes, we provide you with a plethora of informative articles and recipes on healthy eating, healthy dieting, and healthy weight loss.

Here are some key points to healthy weight loss:

Scientific evidence shows that for over weight people, losing 5 to 10% body weight can be healthy. Here are some benefits of a healthy weight loss: lower blood pressure, healthier lifestyle, less risk for various diseases, and you will feel better about yourself.

You will need to ensure that you follow a healthy weight loss plan. Start small and gradual, don't rush things. You must make exercises a regular part of your healthy weight loss plan, and we can help you with delicious, healthy cooking. Start here with these delicious, healthy, and simple recipes.

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