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Natural Health Remedy Cure - 3

What Is Natural Health

Natural health is about staying healthy, and maintaining a high level of health and fitness – all naturally.  By doing this, you follow the most important aspect of natural health - prevention.  By getting a head start, and maintain healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and diet, you greatly reduce your risk for all types of illnesses.

Natural Health Remedy, Care & Cure

Your body has amazing healing abilities, and you must capitalize on this.  When your sick, let your body do its job.  Nothing else does it better, not even medicine.  Of course in severe cases of illnesses, you should see a doctor, and take prescribed medication, but when it’s just a common cold, flu, or diarrhea, let your body take care of the natural healing.

I have some springtime allergies each year; however, I’ve never taken any off the counter drugs such as Claritin, and I find that year after year, my allergy reactions become lesser and lesser.  From what lasted up to two weeks of sneezing and watering eyes, now it lasts for only two or three days.  I don’t know why or how, but my guess is that my body has learnt to cope well with this.

I’m also very adamant about not taking various medication – be it for colds, flues, constipation, indigestion etc…  Don’t let your body become dependent on medication.  I believe that it’s very important you let your body handle these illnesses – after all, your body is built to handle the occasional hiccups in your health gears.  A little oil and grease, and next time around, you’ll be much better prepared.

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s scientific evidence that your body does a better job healing than medicine.  A study by Bertil and Marcus Diamant looked at young patients with ear infections.  They found that those who didn’t take medication healed just as well and quickly as those children who took medication.  Not surprisingly, they also found that children who did not take medication had much fewer cases of recurrence of ear infections than children who did take medications.

If you’re running to the drugstore just for a common cold or headache, stop!  Learn to cope with it, and let your body heal naturally.  By doing so, you allow your body to strengthen its immune system.

Natural Health Part 4

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