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Low Fat Recipe

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Low Fat Snacks To Improve
Your Health

Everyone loves to snack, and most snacks are fattening such as chips, ice cream, and other types of junk food. If you find yourself snacking way too often, it could be part of your weight problem - if you have one. One way is to stop snacking, or eat low fat snacks.

What are some low fat snacks? Instead of snacking on chips try snacking on different types of fruits, and veggies sticks. These snacks are low fat, and they still taste good. How about lowfat yogurt as a healthy snack? Or a low fat fruit shake for a snack?

When you eat three regular meals in a day, you need to give your digestive system to fully process, digest, and absorb all the stuff you ate during the previous meal. If you end up snacking in between meals often, you could be putting on a few extra pounds. So, if you must snack, try these low fat snack recipes. If you're looking for more healthy, and low fat recipes and snacks, click here.

Low Fat Snacks #1: Healthy Fruit Berries Salad

Blue berries - 1 cup
Raspberries - 1 cup
Black berries - 1 cup
Cherries - 1 cup

In a large bowl, mix the four fruits. Add a little whipping cream on top if you like. This is a very healthy fruit snack. It's low in fat, contains a lot of vitamins, and bioflavnoids.

Low Fat Snack Recipe #2: Banana Shake

1 banana - cut in to slices
2 cups low fat yogurt
1 cup orange juice
1/2 cup skimmed milk

Blend the ingredients in a blender until smooth. Serve in a chilled glass.

You see, it's not hard munching on lowfat snacks. Put away your chips, sweets, and other junk food. They're not only high in fat, a lot of junk food contain unhealthy ingredients such as hydrogenated oils. Feast on these delicious, healthy, and low fat snacks to get your through the day.

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