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Boost Immune System

Strengthen Immune System For Better Health

You immune system protects you against bacteria, viruses, toxins, and parasites that could easily make your ill.  Without the immune system, you wouldn’t live very long.  When you’re affected with a cold, flu, diarrhea, or a cut, your immune system kicks into high gear cleansing your body from the invading ‘bad stuff’.

The HIV virus isn’t such a ‘deadly’ virus itself, but it’s what the virus does to your immune system that makes it so deadly.  HIV severely cripples your immune system making you susceptible to all types of sicknesses and diseases.

Your immune system works twenty-four seven, protecting you from all types of bacteria and viruses.  When your body is working in tip-top condition, your immune system can fight off most illnesses.  You’re usually unaware of your immune system – until you get sick, and that’s when something gets past your immune system.

Did you know: your skin is a crucial part of your immune system.  It’s your first line of defense against invading bacteria and viruses.

Improve Immune System

So what causes people to get sick?  The most common causes of illnesses come from viral and bacterial infections.  These include flues, colds, malaria, influenza, etc…  Your immune system works hard to keep your body clean from these infections.

  • It creates a barrier that prevents the ‘bad stuff’ from invading your body.
  • The human immune system detects and eliminates invading infections that got into our body before they get a chance to reproduce.
  • The human immune system works hard to eliminate any virus or bacteria that was able to reproduce and cause problems.

Your skin is your first barrier against bacteria and viruses.  It keeps your body clean of infections, and when some bacteria get by, the rest of your immune system will quickly get rid of it.

Food Hazards To Your Immune System and Health

Do you get sick easily?  Do you seem to catch whatever is floating around in the air?  If you’re always getting sick, and have a tough time staying healthy and free of illnesses, then you should carefully read this section.

If the above statements apply to you, then it could be that your immune system is letting you down.  Even if you consider yourself healthy, there are still steps you can take to improve your immune system and health.  A large part of this site is about making you aware and showing you natural ways to improve your overall health through the foods you eat, and making small, and healthy changes to your lifestyle. 

The following is a list of some foods that could be dragging down your immune system, and your health:

Surprised?  Don’t be.  The foods listed can affect your health in adverse ways.  By all means, I’m not suggesting you completely eliminate these foods from your diet, but hoping to make you aware what health effect these foods can have.

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