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Healthy Weight For A Healthy Heart

Being overweight puts extra strain on your heart, and it could raise your blood pressure and cholesterol – leading to heart problems.  Here, you will find a lot of useful information and tips here on maintaining a healthy weight for your health, and heart.

One of the best ways to reduce heart disease risk is to lose weight.  You should already have an idea if you’re at risk or not for heart problems here..  If you haven’t checked yet using the body mass index, do so!  Find out if you’re at risk.

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I’m going to tell you again what you probably already know: to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, cut back on fatty foods (cheese, butter, margarine) and junk food, and eat more vegetables, fruits, and grains. 

A diet journal is recommended to keep track of your daily diet and nutrition. You get a clear over view of everything you eat.  Keep a diet journal, and take a close look at what you’re eating. 

  • What are the fatty foods in there, if any?  Could you live without them?  Probably.  Or maybe not?  At least try to cut down a little.
  • Are you getting enough of the ‘good stuff’?  Like veggies, grains and fruits?  If not, then you should include more of these health foods in your diet.
  • How many times did you dine out during the past two weeks?  How much fast food did you eat?  You maybe interested to learn that an average restaurant meal contains 1,000 to 2,000 calories. (Average daily recommended intake is around 2,000 calories.)

Healthy Weight Loss

Loosing weight is great, but there are some methods of losing weight you should avoid:

  • Don’t try to lose weight too fast.  Aim for at most 2 pounds per week.
    Don’t go for the fad diets.
  • Don’t stop eating!
  • Don’t be discouraged by setbacks.  Expect them to happen, and you’ll be better prepared to handle them.
  • The most successful diets are achieved with a healthy diet over a period of time.  After all, you didn’t gain your weight over night.

Fats are a concentrated source of energy, and the daily intake shouldn't exceed 30% of calories. In other words, for an average daily intake of 2,000 calories, only 600 should come from fats.

Let’s find out how much fat an average person should consume at most in one day:

  • 1 gram of fat supply 9 calories.
  • Take your calculator and use 600calories / 9= 66.7g
  • So, you should limit your daily intake of fat to about 67 grams.

You can quickly reduce fat intake in your meals by following these few simple tips:

  • Use olive and canola oils in cooking, since they don’t harm your arteries or raise blood fat levels.
  • Trim off skin from your chickens and turkeys. 
  • Trim off the excess fats from your meats.
  • Try to eat more white meat than red meat.  White meat is much leaner and has much less fat.
  • Don’t drink full fat milk.  Instead drink skimmed milk.
  • Eating more vegetables and grains will naturally lower your amount of fat intake.
  • Avoid really fattening spreads like cheese, butter, and margarine.  Use low fat version whenever possible.
  • Exercise, exercise, exercise!  A little bit of regular exercising goes a long way helping your health. 

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