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Bone Health & Calcium Supplement

Building Stronger Bones

The bones in your body make up your skeletal frame, and that is what holds your body in the shape it is.  Without bones, you’d just be a big glob of pudgy flesh and organs – not a pretty picture.

Healthy Bones

Did you know that you have 206 bones in your body?  Each bone is not just a solid rod that remains constant during your lifetime – each bone is a living tissue, and it consistently breaks down, and rebuilds.  Your bones require a consistent supply of many nutrients to maintain its strength.

Bones can be classified into several types.  You have long bones, which make up your arms and legs; short bones such as your wrist and ankle bones; and flat bones such as your breast and pelvis bones.  Your teeth are built like bones, but much denser.  Everyone has 32 of them, or 28 if the wisdom teeth are missing.

Wisdom teeth usually develop in your twenties, and most people do not have enough room in their jaws for the wisdom teeth to fully develop.  So in most cases, the wisdom teeth are removed.

Keeping Your Bones Strong and Healthy With Calcium

The best way to combat Osteoporosis is to start building strong bones at a young age.  A person’s bone mass peaks in his/her twenties, and from there on, it slowly decreases.  This effect can be dramatically decreased with a good diet and regular exercising.

A few key points to keep in mind:

  • Exercising regularly helps to increase bone strength and maintain bone mass
  • Follow a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, calcium is your best defense against Osteoporosis
  • No smoking and no excessive alcohol
  • Bone density testing and medication if needed

Everyone knows that calcium is what the bone needs, and we’re always reminded to get enough calcium.  Equally important is understand the foods that steal calcium from your body.  Getting enough calcium is only half the fight, you need a better understand of which foods take away calcium.

Here’s a quick list of main food types that rob your body’s calcium:

  • Excessive salt in your diet
  • Although protein is an essential nutrient in our diet, too much animal protein from red meat, white meat, and dairy products can worsen this problem (animal protein makes urine more acidic and increases calcium loss)
  • Caffeine is a major cause of frail bones – caffeine from black tea, coffee, and soft drinks doesn’t do your bones any good

With caffeine in your system, your body tends to lose more calcium through urine.  Just a cup of coffee in a day can cause this.  Studies have shown that caffeine increases the chances of a fractured bone.

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