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Grocery Shopping Tip

Healthy Grocery Shopping List

What types of food do you buy most often?  Do you buy mostly produce, dairy, grains, or mostly frozen dinners?  I hope it’s not frozen dinners. J  It’s hard to tell what you buy every time without making a grocery list.

Many people like to make shopping lists so they don’t forget to buy what they need.  You just need to make a slight change to your grocery list – categorize the foods you buy.  For example, produce, dairy, meats, drinks, grains, etc…

You get a clear picture of what types of food you buy and eat the most, and you can make changes accordingly.  Most of your food items should be under the produce section, such as vegetables and fruits, and some in the grains and dairy section.  If you find that you buy more junk food than anything else, you should make some changes.

Below is a grocery list that you can use to help recording what you buy.

The Grocery Shopping List:

Food Group


Vegetable and Fruits

Ex: carrots, broccoli, lettuce, apples, bananas, oranges.

Grain Products

Ex: breads, cereals, bagels, pastas, rice.

Dairy Products

Ex: milk, cheese, yogurt.

Meats and Alternatives

Ex: red meats, poultry, fish, beans, soy products.

Other and Miscellaneous Foods

Ex: beverages (tea, coffee, pop), frozen dinners, junk food (chips, candies) etc…

Okay, so where do you stand?  What are you buying a lot of, and what are you not getting enough of?  This is a simple list to fill out, and it’ll give you a very clear idea of what foods you’re not getting enough each week, or what foods you’re getting too much of.  Are you satisfied with your buying habits or does it need some changes?

Healthy Eating Guideline

To give you an idea of how much of each type of food to buy follow these guidelines for the amount of recommended daily servings for each of the food groups:

Vegetables and fruits – 5 to 12 servings per day
Grain products – 5 to 10 servings per day
Dairy products – 2 to 4 servings per day
Meat and alternatives – 2 to 3 servings per day

It’s obvious that the majority of your buying should be in the vegetables, fruits, and grains department.  So, in the grocery list you’ve just made, make sure that the vegetable, fruits, and grain products sections get the most attention.  So without worrying about what you have to eat everyday, you know you’ll be getting about the right amount of everything within a week’s time.

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