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Learn All About Crock Pot Cooking, And How
Crock Pot Cooking Could Cost You Twice As Much

Want to learn about crock pot cooking, and its energy usage? You've come to the right place. We're gonna talk a little about crock pot cooking and its energy consumption here. To learn more about crock pot cooking in general, see this article.

The question about how the energy usage of crock pot cooking compares to stove cooking is often asked. To compare this, many factors need to be considered such as crock pot and oven size, cooking time, and cooking temperature.

When a crock pot is cooking, it runs on very low energy, cooking at low temperatures - hence slow cookers. An oven works on a more cyclical basis, where it cycles on and off, but cooking times are much shorter than crock pot cooking.

Some ovens run at 120volts, some 220, 240 etc... Lets say we're using a stove with 220volts X 10amps = 2200watts in an hour. The oven's heating element is controlled by the temperature of the oven (which you set), so it's turned on and off to maintain a desired temperature. The heat is kept in the oven by the insulation. So during one hour, the heating element is turned on and off a few times. Depending on your oven and the temperature, the heating element may only be used for a fraction of an hour, say 10 or 15 minutes. So, really, your energy consumption is only 1/4 X 2200 = 550 watts (maybe more, maybe less).

Crock pots run at 120volts with low amps. If we cook with a crock pot that runs at 120v X 1.5amps = 180 watts (This is about medium heat). If we let the crock pot cook for 8 hours, you get 180 X 6 = 1080.

So you see, crock pot cooking could actually use twice as much energy as using ovens! Of course, keep in mind that different pots, with different sizes, amps etc... will have different results. If you had a small crock pot, you'd be using less energy.

Thinking twice about crock pot cooking now? Energy concerns got you down? Sick of cooking crock pot too often? There is a time saving alternative to crock pot cooking, find out how...

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