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Cancer and Stress - Reduce Stress

5 Keys to Great Health - How You Can Stop the Link Between Cancer and Stress

Copyright (c) 2006 Tania French

Both of my mother and father had cancer. I've always had a hunch about what might have contributed to their illnesses.

Now a new study has found a strong link between stress and cancer. Researchers have discovered there's a hormone you produce during stressful periods called Norepinephrine.

How does this hormone increase the rate of cancer?

First, the norepinephrine can stimulate tumor cells to produce two compounds which in turn break down the tissue around the tumor cells. This allows the cancer cells to move into the bloodstream more easily.

Once the cells enter the bloodstream, they can travel to other organs and tissues forming more tumors. In other words, the cancer metastisizes.

Secondly, this same hormone may also stimulate the tumor cells to release a chemical. The chemical then helps the blood vessels that feed cancer cells grow. The result - the growth and spread of cancer increases.

This news from conventional medicine confirms my hunch was true. My mom and dad, who had divorced, both certainly had an abundance of inner turmoil. This emotional and mental conflict set the groundwork for an immune system gone out of balance.

Thing is, and this is key, both never learned to handle stress in a healthy way. The plain and simple fact is this. Stress is a key precursor to any illness. In addition, if you don't handle it in a healthy way, your brain may REWIRE itself. And actually alter the way it functions.

Again, this is something I observed in my mom and dad. Their brain connections were definitely changed along the way.

What helps you stay balanced emotionally and mentally:

1. You can do it with laughter.
2. You can do it with classical music.
3. You can do it with exercise.
4. You can do it with meditation.
5. You can do it with creative projects.

When all of the above are activated regularly, stress is eliminated.

Funny how these 5 Keys to Good Health repair your immune system. They're relaxing AND invigorating - enjoyable activities for any age. They work like magic.

If you choose 3 of these 5 activities every day, you're making great strides towards good health and happiness.

  • Total Relaxation.
  • An absence of worry.
  • A clear mind and a joyful disposition.

These are things anyone would want. Your road to eliminating stress and fine-tuning your health begins with just three of these magic activities a day.

It's no use fighting stress. Unless you like adding more conflict to your life. The only way to eliminate stress is to balance it with plenty of un-stressful activities. The easiest of them all is listening to high frequency classical music. I'm talking about music that is positively charged. Give your brain something to laugh about!

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About the author

Tania Gabrielle French is a composer and author. Her music has been performed by Grammy-award winning artists worldwide. Having learned the ancient secrets for attracting prosperity, she is now living the life of her dreams. Tania's popular newsletter is read worldwide at http://www.artabundance.com Copyright 2006 Tania Gabrielle French.