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Fasting Diet for Anti Aging

Anti-Aging Fasting

Copyright Stephen Lau

Fasting is anti-aging because it rids your body of toxins, which impair your longevity health. In addition, it helps to control your weight, which is often an aging factor.

Fasting is the most efficient and effective way of detoxification.

What is fasting?

Fasting is voluntary abstinence from food and drink, except water, for an extended period.

Fasting is not starvation which is abstinence continued beyond your body's nutrient reserves. In other words, starvation may exhaust your body's stored nutrients to the point of presenting health hazards, while fasting is still "consuming" the nutrient reserves stored in your body. There is a big difference.

Fasting has many therapeutic benefits. Fasting accelerates the self-healing process of your body, thereby enabling your body to recover speedily from any disease. Fasting temporarily stops the continuing work of your digestive system, instrumental in reserving energy for your self-healing. Your body may now utilize the energy for self-healing, which otherwise normally might be expended on secreting digestive enzymes to break down the food for distribution of nutrients throughout your body.

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Benefits of Fasting

Fasting slows down your aging process by keeping your arteries young (often hardened by cholesterol, fats, inorganic minerals and fibrous tissues). Fasting facilitates the removal of accumulated substances that may damage cell functions, thereby slowing down your aging process and extending your lifespan.

Fasting may alleviate your body pain and rid your body of drug dependence. Remember, longevity is often a drug-free life.

Fasting relieves the burden of not only your digestive tract, but also your liver and kidneys, which have to work extra hard to remove additives and toxins accumulated in your body through improper eating.

Fasting produces powerful detoxifying effects in your body not achievable by any diet, restricted or supplemented.

Fasting decreases your blood pressure by softening your blood vessels.

Fasting activates the immune system in your body.

Fasting removes the cause of any chronic disease you may have by removing the toxins, not just the symptoms, as in the case of medication.

Fasting facilitates you, if you are a smoker, to quit smoking during a fast.

Essentially, there is only one type of fasting: pure water fasting. Juice fasting is not fasting: it is not anti-inflammatory; only pure water fasting is. Vegetable or fruit fasting is not fasting: it is more of a healthful diet. Only pure water fasting is complete and total fasting, which has the capability to break down fat, abnormal cells, plaque, and even tumors. Pure water fasting is the most efficient natural method of detoxification.

Is Fasting Safe

Fasting is both natural and safe. Your body system has the capability to fast, and your body has the ability to fast safely. Generally, it takes more than forty days to exhaust all the nutrients stored in your body. That is why in the Bible Jesus fasted for forty days. In general, your body will still have more than adequate reserves of proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins to maintain its normal function during a fast. In fact, during a fast, your body conserves its muscle and lean body tissues.

For centuries, people have practiced fasting all over the world.

Animals instinctively fast when they are sick or wounded. However, humans in similar situations erroneously believe they need to eat to regain strength, thus making them even sicker and weaker.

To prepare for a fast, eat more vegetables and fruits prior to a fast. Reduce the consumption of meat, and refrain from eating any meat the day before a fast.

During a fast, your body naturally increases mucous production to wash away viruses and infected cells. It may even induce a slight fever to activate your immune system. Your body discharges toxins and chemicals through your skin, mucous membranes, liver, and kidneys. Due to hormonal and metabolic changes, you may feel slightly colder. That is natural and normal. Just keep warm to conserve your energy and to facilitate rapid elimination. One common phenomenon is dehydration through excessive loss of water. Drinking more water is recommended during a fast.

You no longer have any bowel movement after the first day. That, too, is normal.

During a fast, you need less sleep than usual. You are fully refreshed with three to six hours of sleep. A fast is invigorating.

Remember, the more you fast, the less uncomfortable you will feel. Normal functioning of the body will resume upon removal of all causes of functional impairment.

On the first day, you feel pangs of hunger, and a white coating forms on your tongue. On the second day, you begin to feel gradual dissipation of hunger, and there is more white coating on your tongue. On the third day, you may feel complete disappearance of hunger and the clearance of coating on your tongue.

The first three days of a fast are most challenging. However, once the challenge is overcome, you are well on the way to rejuvenation of your entire body. A clear tongue and clean breath are a good indication that the cleansing is more or less complete.

The length of a fast depends very much on an individual. The following is just a general guideline: a one-day fast, as often as required, preferably weekly, for good maintenance; a three-to-four-day fast for general health and well being, several times a year; a two-week fast for complete internal cleansing, every year or so; and a three-week fast (or even longer) for curing a specific disease, under the supervision of a physician

Always consult your physician first if you go on a fast longer than three to four days. Stop the fast immediately if there is significant increase in physical weakness, or drastic drop in blood pressure.

A one-day fast is ideal for maintenance, but may not be too effective for deep cleansing. Regular fasting minimizes the risk of a disabling disease later in life, and is therefore anti-aging..

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About the author

Stephen Lau, a writer and researcher, has spent years in writing research synopses of doctors and scientists in the United States. For more information on health and wellness, visit: http://www.longevityforyou.com .