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Brown Seaweed Health Benefit

Seaweed: Vegetable of the Sea

Copyright Lambert Klein

When you think about seaweed you may visualize the smelly green/brown vegetation that washes up onto the shore. Not a pretty sight, but you may be surprised by the powerful nutrient punch seaweed has to offer. Think of seaweed as: "Vegetable of the Sea".

Benefits of a diet that includes seaweed:

• Live longer
• Weight Loss
• Healthy Heart and Veins
• Healthy Thyroid
• Fights Radiation Poisoning
• Lower Cholesterol and Blood Pressure
• Prevent Ulcers
• Fights Constipation
• Detoxify
• Lung Health
• Neutralize Acids

Is seaweed a miracle potent? No, although some people believe it is from the results they see and studies they have read. Seaweed is a unique health food supplement rich in valuable nutrients that our body needs. It's not a quick fix, but a long term investment that will produce results over time.

Health Benefit of Seaweed

Seaweed is rich in vitamins and minerals such as, calcium, natural iodine, selenium, enzymes, plus a list of others such as: A, B, C, D and Vitamin K.

In today's stressful world seaweed can have a calming effect that helps in our daily routines. Your nervous system will benefit from seaweed by improving nerve and brain signals. This can help your alertness and memory, which could promote improvements in many aspects of your life.

British scientists are trying to make junk food healthier by adding seaweed. They believe the high fiber content along with the vitamins and minerals will add some nutrition to an otherwise very unhealthy product. This may even fight excess weight. It is far better to not eat the junk food in the first place.

There was a time in certain cultures where seaweed was thought very highly of. Only royalty had easy access to it. Now anyone can benefit from seaweed's nutritional qualities.

Are you worried about pollution in seaweed? The world we now live in is highly polluted. The lands and produce grown there are frequently more polluted than the oceans generally are. Pesticides are extensively utilized in our crop's growth production. Overall the oceans seem to be the better choice.

So if you particularly want to add fiber, vitamins and minerals that you may not be consuming enough of, then consider supplementing your diet with seaweed. You may not like the taste of seaweed but seaweed has many health benefits.

There are some high quality seaweed supplements that you may consider if the strong taste is unbearable for you. This is a small investment that could reap significant rewards for you and your health. So invest in the most important thing in your life, You!

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About the author

Lambert Klein is the owner and founder of Think Healthy Supplements. You can fine Sea Vegg here. http://www.1thinkhealthy.com/sea-vegg.htm