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Anti Aging Skin Care

Anti-Aging Regimen: It Pays Off

Copyright Barbara Morris, R.Ph.

If you want to be in charge of your aging process (and you can be), having a plan that includes a daily "do or die" regimen is vital. It must also be
automatic. Discussion with yourself about "should I or shouldn't I do it today, or "do I have time today" isn't allowed. You just do it. That's one of my major rules to successfully control the aging process.

What is a regimen? It's any system or procedure you devise that you believe is essential to maintain and improve your health. It should also help you be where you want your health and life to be in 25 years.

My daily regimen includes (among other things) taking supplements. For example, first thing in the morning, I whip up in a blender my "wakeup potion." It consists of calcium ascorbate crystals, collagen powder, a potent greens powder and a dynamite vitamin powder, water and some orange juice.

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Why this mixture?

I've been taking calcium ascorbate crystals for years. It's a non acidic form of vitamin C, so it's easy on the stomach. It's tasteless and soluble in water. I take about 10 grams (10,000 milligrams). The government, knowing what is best for us, says the minimum daily requirement for vitamin C is about 50 milligrams. That dose is better than nothing at all, but it's useless to help control the ravages of aging.

I use collagen powder to help support bones and joints and above all, to keep my skin smooth. Cosmetic creams that contain collagen or promote collagen production are good, but you can't beat collagen taken internally for maximum benefit.

Using a potent greens powder is essential for two reasons. First, you want to keep your body in an alkaline state. The greens powder helps to do that. It would be better to juice your own fresh greens, but who has time?

Why is it important to be alkaline? I believe cancer can't survive in an
alkaline environment. If you wonder what state your body is in, go to the health food store or a pharmacy and purchase test strips to determine
acidity/alkalinity. Put a strip on your tongue. If you are in an alkaline
state, the paper will turn green. If it turns yellow, you are in an acid state.
A yellowish-greenish color somewhere in the middle is okay.

The other reason I use a greens powder is that it's almost impossible to eat enough green vegetables. Eating a serving of broccoli or spinach grown in deficient soil, treated with chemicals to extend shelf life and sprayed with pesticide does little to enhance health.

Finally, I use a "souped up" vitamin powder for the same reason that I don't count on daily intake of vegetables or fruit to provide the nutrients needed to maintain and protect health.

Having a regimen pays off and I encourage you to develop one of your own. In 25 years, when you look and feel as good as you did 25 years earlier, you will be glad you did!

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About the author

Barbara Morris, R.Ph. is a pharmacist and youth preservation strategist. She is author of Put Old on Hold. Sign up for her monthly newsletter at
http://www.PutOldonHold.com and receive free ebook, "Twelve Unique Diva Tested Tips for Fabulous Skin."