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Six Meals A Day Diet Plan

Copyright (c) 2006 Richard Adams

Sounds simple enough doesn't eat - eating 5 or 6 meals a day as opposed to our standard 3 meals a day. Eat twice as many meals and you'll lose weight, feel better and be healthier. Almost too simple.

But until you try it you won't eblieve the benefits.

The aim of this article is to give you a very quick overview of the subject and based on my own experiences (I've been eating like this now for 8 months) to convince you to at least give it a try.

So let's look first of all at the benefits of the six meals a day diet...

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1) No Snacking

When you eat a proper meal every 3 hours or so during the day it cuts out the need or want for snacking. Why bother with a bit of chocoloate if you know you're going to be eating a proper meal in the next few hours? Eating regularly keeps those "pangs" at bay.

2) Less Surplus Calories

By splitting your normal daily intake of food into 6 smaller meals you'll be
consuming far less per meal. This means that your body will be regularly
refuelled with smaller amounts of energy.

Typically, excess calories in your body will be laid down as fat for later
usage, which is the typical result of a huge meal. However if you're consuming fewer calories per meal, there will be lower levels in your body meaning there is far less chance of putting on weight.

In addition, eating more regularly "primes" the metabolism and encourages fat burning when you're not eating so not only will you be unlikely to put on weight but you will likely burn off any existing fat far easier.

3) Less Energy Slumps

You know the energy slump that you can feel in the early afternoon just after you've had lunch? That's because your body is working so hard to digest the huge meal you just ate. By eating more regularly you'll smooth out these "peaks and troughs" of energy in your body keeping you going for longer and feeling better.

What's more, dieticians are increasingly believing that it is these energy
spikes that can result in the onset of diabetes so you'll be greatly reducing your chances of ending up with this unpleasant disease.

Now the potential downsides of the six meals a day diet and what to do about them...

1) Eating Every Few Hours Is Impractical

Many people think that eating every 3 or 4 hours is going to be hard with such a busy life. Actually when you get into the routine it's not hard at all. Develop a list of healthy, tasty foods that you enjoy that you can munch quickly if necessary. Anyone can eat a quick sandwich or down a meal replacement drink during their coffee break in the morning and afternoon at work. Breakfast, morning break, lunch break, afternoon break, when you get home, early evening.That's 6 meals managed easily.

2) How Do I Cope With Meals Out?

If you decide to adopt the six meals a day diet as a regular part of life rather than a crash diet, how do you cope with meals out? An evening at a restuarant? A birthday party?

Easy. You just budget for it. Go, enjoy yourself just like normal. Then get back to the plan afterwards. Don't let yoyur social life suffer just because of your diet, but *do* get back on as soon as possible and make these "meals off" as seldom as possible. There's a reason why people who love food tend to be grossly overweight.

3) How Do I Fit It Around My Family?

Many people worry that as they eat with a partner and/or children it will feel strange to be eating one small meal while everyone else eats a huge meal.

Don't worry - you can easily prepare a healthy yet tasty meal that everyone can enjoy and you just eat a smaller portion. Eat slowly and you won't be finished ages before everyone else. And if they love you, they'll support your decision. So go try it. I assure you that you won't look back!

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About the author

Richard Adams is a keen advocate of diet and weight loss programs having experimented on himself over the years with many different plans to find those which are most successful. His latest site will tell you everything you need to know about the six meals a day diet -> http://www.sixmealsadaydiet.co.uk