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Natural Anti Aging Supplements

Anti-Aging the Natural Way

Copyright Lambert Klein

Many people seek help to fight old age. And since there is no fountain of youth, the main ways to help combat aging focus on diet, nutrition and natural supplements. So here are top tips in these main areas.


First of all, before beginning any new diet, consult with your healthcare provider to make sure you are fit and establish basic dietary guidelines. He or she should help you set up an easy-to-follow plan and discuss which types of foods you should each, and how much, etc. each day. And note any items you need to leave out of your diet or reduce.

Then make sure the plan fits in with what you'd like to do and seek any adjustments as needed, so that both of you are happy with your diet plan. Because too restrictive of a diet might call for alterations in your lifestyle if necessary; and you need to make sure you understand any health issues and concerns up front.

For example, if you need to follow a low sodium or lo carbohydrate diet, learn basic facts about what this means and why it's important. And learn how to find fast foods and snacks plus good, tasty recipes to use in the kitchen. Knowledge will help you in sticking with your plan.

One good place online to learn more about all types of popular diets is eDiets com. You can also journal online there, make friends and communicate with them regularly online plus print out lots of healthy recipes.


An excellent place to learn more about your nutritional needs is with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The USDA shares their recommendations for healthy eating habits for all ages, focusing on their nutrition pyramid, important nutrients, fitness and weight control, plus food safety.  Head to the USDA website at usda gov for their recommended USDA Food Guide or Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) Eating Plan and to sign up for free information and grab their other helpful tips.

Natural Anti Aging Supplements

Supplement your daily regimen with natural extracts to help with anti-aging. A couple of popular supplements in this area of focus are: Ginkgo Biloba Extract- This is popular for helping to enhance the memory. Generally sold in the form of a pill, the extract originates from a plant found in China and boasts a long history of medical uses that also include use as an aphrodisiac, to help combat Alzheihmer's and as an antioxidant.

St. John's Wort – This is popular for combating anxiety, depression that occurs a lot as aging occurs and other mental conditions.

Learn more by checking online for anti-aging information and tips. And help fight the aging process, or at least delay it, and enjoy life a little more, a little longer.

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About the author

Lambert Klein is the owner of Think Healthy Supplements. Consider a natural supplement such as Proxenol