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Organic Gardening

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Lettuce Varieties


Lettuce Varieties

Organic Lettuce Plant Varieties

There are many types of lettuce that you can grow. The most common lettuce varieties include crisphead lettuce, butterhead lettuce, loose-leaf lettuce, and cos (Romaine) lettuce. Lettuce is a popular vegetable used in many dishes, and it is one of the main ingredient in salads. It is also commonly used in hamburgers, sandwiches, and also taste great when stir-fried. Different lettuce varieties will have different taste, texture, and colors. We'll describe the most common lettuce types below. Please see here for how to grow lettuce.

Butterhead Lettuce (Boston, Bibb)

butterhead lettuceThe leaves of butterhead lettuce have a buttery smooth texture. It is popular in the UK and USA, and  it is commonly used in making salads. The lettuce have small, round and loosely formed heads with thick, soft, and tender leaves. Boston and Bibb lettuce are the two most common varieties. Butterhead lettuce have thicker leaves than most of the other lettuce varieties.

Butterhead lettuce nutrition values

Crisphead Lettuce (Iceberg)

iceberg lettuceIceberg lettuce is one of the most popular crisphead lettuce varieties, and it is ideal for making a refreshing and delicious salad. It is easily combined with a wide variety of vegetables and other ingredients in making different types of salads. Iceberg lettuce also works well with many different flavors of dressings as well. It comes in large, round, and tightly packed heads.

Crisphead lettuce nutrition values

Cos Lettuce (Romaine)

romaine lettuceRomaine lettuce presumably originated from the Greek island of Cos, and hence the name Cos lettuce. It grows upright with large leaves surrounding the crisp heart inside. Romaine lettuce is the main ingredient used in making Caesar Salad. They are also excellent for making all types of salads, and stir-fried romaine lettuce taste sweet and delicious as well. Romaine lettuce prefers cooler weather, and does not tolerate heat very well.

Romaine lettuce nutrition values

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